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Getting Here

  • PLANE (Flight time: Aproximately 1 hour 20 min.)

La Costeña flies to Big Corn Island two times a day (round trip tickets cost approximately $165.00), reservations are required ( Flight time to Big Corn Island is 1 hour & 20 minutes with one stop in Bluefields. Baggage is limited to 30lb per person.

Once you land on Big Corn Island, claim your luggage, reconfirm your return flight and look for the Arenas Beach driver or get a taxi to Arenas Beach Hotel for $1 per person.

  • BUS/BOAT (Trip time: 15 hours)

Get onto the express coach bus from Managua to Rama (the bus arrives the Rama wharf at 3:00 a.m), then take a river taxi to Bluefields. In Bluefields you can take the Bluefields Express, the Captain D or a "panga" to Big Corn Island.